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ak4 crossovers

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Possibly... if that's where they are on modern pieces. I didn't open up the bass bins. I don't see why they would be.


You notice also that klipsch made a tiny change from the original ak4 (top) to the most current version ak4 (bottom)...


The photos are just for reference...

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1 hour ago, Wirrunna said:


The AK-4 schematic is in this thread - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/134691-klipschorn-lf-filter/


Schu, your pictures are missing the LF bass trap - two 6 ohm 25W resistors, four 50uf caps and a 6mH inductor - were they on a daughter board, perhaps in the woofer chamber ?



Thank you

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