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Pair of Free K-Horn False Corners - (Gone)


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Gone ! - But, Keep on Rockin' in the Free World


Free for You to Pickup, in Garland TX, A Pair of Nice Walnut False Corners, if you're in the DFW area - Not interested in holding, or shipping, and any other excitement  Just off work today, (Tuesday April 7th, 2020) and these are in the Garage - Giving back to the Community, like the coolness of the way I received them.  Easy Pickup, close to LBJ and NW Hwy.



Please message with any slight interest's - such as any of the Imaginary FYI's below.


How long will you hold them ?  - Thursday the 9th

Will you deliver, we don't have a truck ? - Yes, I have a truck, would be glad to get out of the house, safely, within a 25 mile radius of Garland, but the delivery ends at your curb.

How easy are these to pickup ? - Well, being about 65 lb's a piece, They work great with a 2 wheeler.

Where are you located ?  In Garland Texas, which is the Northeast section of Dallas County, about a half mile from the freeway, with a paved alley behind my townhome.

What's on the inside of those fine looking Klipschorn False Corners ? - Where were stuffed with hundred dollar bills lol.


Take it Easy,


K-Horn False Corners 2.jpg

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29 minutes ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

Man, those are the best looking false corners I've ever seen. Wow. Too bad I'm in Michigan.....................oh well. Some lucky stiff will get these.


Thanks for the good comments...


Since they fit a Klipschorn perfectly, that they should work equally nice on a Cornwall / ESS Set-up, of course, utilizing an industrial tripod to further experiment with the backwave of Heils Air Motion Transformer.... 

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1 hour ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

If there's ever a stage at a Klipsch get together, you would make quite the comic!


Well, first....we both know that's not true.  Second, I'm married....  and that is the first thing she'd want to do with those, is paint them.


Windashine.....  how are they built?  (I'm asking just to ask, I couldn't use them)

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1 hour ago, Coytee said:

how are they built?


The best I can describe, is - Very Solid, Extremely Nice, Thoroughly Wonderful. 

5 & 3/16" thick - 35 & 1/4" wing length - 41 & 1/2" tall - Note - they cover the back of the lower woofer enclosure, not the top hat area, and they extend about as far out on the sides, as a Jubilee


I picked them up a couple of year's ago from a forum member here... They look to be built on the Principle of PWK's design given 

Dope from Hope - Vol 15 No 5 


I'd estimate a build date from around 10 to 15 year's ago, nevertheless, a very fine carpenter with excellent woodworking skills, with an attention to perfect measurements.  I have added felt sliders underneath, whereas I used them over the wood floor in my Den.


Feel Free to ask any questions

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Had to pull out a notebook to recall my password so I could respond to this one...


Mike, good on ya for paying it forward! I'm with Claude, nicest false corners I've ever seen as well.


Coytee, "...and paint them white" ROFLMAO  

"and that is the first thing she'd want to do with those, is paint them."

Amen. I get so mad at those that want to PAINT something beautiful,  (as in woodgrain) or something that has for DECADES been maintenance free (House BRICK exteriors) and add them to the must do maintenance regularly list.






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