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FS: Cherry La Scala IIs - SOLD


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Since we've still in virtual lock down and planted in front of the hifi, Benny decided he wants a pair of 'horns. I told him we needed to sell his La Scala IIs first, so here they are. Purchased in mid-2019 from a Heritage dealer, there are B-stock in cherry finish. There is a 1/4" scratch on the rear top (exaggerated in the photo) and one on top of the box (hidden) from clumsy mounting of the horns. On the inner side of each speaker, the clear coat shows as white until I dab lemon oil on them (last photo). Once that is done, they are as new. I assume that is why there are B-stock, but there is nothing B-stock in their audio performance. Other than that, they are as new from a cat-free, child-free and smoke-free home with no issues:  $4000.


I am south of Nashville Tennessee and while I cannot ship them, I do have the boxes and packing to make transport easier. Please feel free to arrange an audition before buying.


Thanks and please email any questions.




2055960311_DogLaScala-1.jpeg.9673d79a4a10b420e436ad389c1d276c.jpg.7f03820c056c5a60bcb336b3b9a8381c.jpg 460280196_LaScalaII-1.jpeg.c4a8145b53d879b839e0a14e2b156999.jpeg

881414284_LaScalaII-3.jpeg.63774590c966c347bcb7bba107e060f6.jpeg  274995551_LaScalaII-4.jpeg.feee16921e362b746535956c34328053.jpeg

243973864_LaScalaII-5.jpeg.42d991339ff57b44a41cf5fc0b587078.jpeg  956663498_LaScalaII-6.jpeg.7bf35e255d9ecd33d12a71a9a16d07fd.jpeg

397038374_LaScalaII-9.jpeg.cf44b14668f6b66ab81bacb45a54c3c3.jpeg  1129854072_LaScalaII-7.jpeg.29dc099825ab3ba1946e470a956d0709.jpeg


LaScala issue - 1.jpeg

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Bump for one of the "Good Guys" here.

Seriously look at the B qualifications, then the asking price.


Oh and consider the kind of person that keeps the packaging for the good stuff? You know... the type that takes care of their stuff.

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13 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:

The question I have to ask myself is whether these are an upgrade over my CW IV?

I recall when we got those brand new Forte IIIs at about the same time.

There is an unmistakable difference in the sound  of a vented sub or speaker like the CW IV when compared to a sealed Klipsch. Now LS aren't "sealed" but the folded horn makes the impact of the bass even more than that of the sealed Heresy II I had compared to my F3s in the other room.


Folded dials it up TWO notches and the LS I auditioned from 1990 could play low volume with the same impactful feel. They just begged to be turned up. Then the other aspect is the precision and clarity from a folded 15"er in the LS. The opposite of the sloppy bass from the sedan without shocks at the light next to you booming.

Frequency response is another paragraph but LS are awesome!

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Thanks @johnj, I’m not going to derail the OPs for sale thread any further after this post. I have only heard La scalas rom the 80s and while they did a lot of things right, I’d take my Cornwalls over them easily. I know the LS II is a different beast and I wish I was closer than 8 hours away or I’d certainly give them a listen.





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