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What a fright that was.....


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Wolfram and Mike,

I think this is one of those never ending debates. Yes - I probably could audition the LaScala in the comfort of my own home and over a significant enough time period to make whatever changes are necessary to get the sound close to what I am looking for.

On the other hand they lack something that the Heresy provided in spades. The very first time I heard the Heresy was in a shop in their audioning room, alongisde a bunch of other speakers with a Sharp SACD player playing a CD and connected to the Sharp all digital amplifier with cheapo cabling.

The Heresy just had this sound that was right - it still does. There is something about the highs and mids of this speaker that just screamed "Buy me now!!!"

The LaScala, by contrast, never did this.

I should add that a near neighbour also has the LaScala (which I thought for a long time was the Belle as it was all in Black with the cloth covering on and I didnt know too much then (and what has changed?).

He has his mated with a Luxman amp. On first hearing it sounded good, not great but good. Going to their house recently it just didnt. My ear is changing, what I craved before is not what I crave now. Only the Heresy keeps sneaking up and biting me with its touch.

There is a magic in that little speaker that is quite beguiling. If it were coupled with some of the strengths of that damn Sansui that got me all shook up we would not be having this discussion.

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I have a pair of '76 Heresy's as well and although they are a very nice speaker (the highs are identical), the mids and lows cannot compare to the mids and lows on the Lascala's (even before the ALK's and Altec 511B's). I guess we will just have to agree to disagree here.

Regardless, I hope you find what you are looking for. As for me, I couldn't be happier...


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yes, it's one of those discussions ... and I hope you don't mind me not shutting up. I will have a chance to listen to the LaScala/marantz/Cello set up again tomorrow. I'll try to see if any of your sound description will fit (but perhaps I am not objective enough, anyway LOL).

Having walked the dog I just remembered that I have listened to another set of LaScalas with a Quad 33/303 amp combo and some cheapish CD player. And although this room was almost the oposite to your situation (carpets, lots of dampening furniture etc) I found the same overall 'live-like' charakter. It might only be your words, but somehow my experiences just don't fit to those descriptions. I think the LaScala (like other Heritage speakers) are quite sensitive to the quality of the incoming signal. So once you have decided on a different amp (if you think that's necessary)....well, you know what I want to say. BTW: LaScalas have the same mid/high sections like the Khorns. So together with your REL you should be quite close to their soundworld (yes, I know, a hornloaded bass is different to such a sub sound, but I think it works - provided you adjust the sub in such a way that it doesn't get in the way, but only provides those octaves that the speaker alone cannot).


Okay, before my enthusiasm ruins the chance of a certain Greek pressing, I'd rather shut up now...except that: as you say yourself your listening habits are changing, keep those Heresies, otherwise you might one day be rather annoyed.

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I would never cast aspersions on your choice. I am sure that in your room it sounds great and gives you exactly what you are looking for.

Believe me I wish it was the solution to my problem - it would have made my life easier (notwithstanding the WAf issue)...

As it happens I am a total doofus. I just realised that I haven't tried listening to the Sansui's without their covers on. I got so used to keeping them in place with the Heresy's to further soften the sound it quite slipped my mind.

As the covers on the Sansui are a heavy wooden lattice work I have the feeling that their removal should boost the treble response significantly.

Will let you all know on Monday.

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Dont panic about the effects on your copy of DSOTM. I will find it for you - it is just proving to be ludicrously problematic.

Actually I should have kept it as an excuse - but that wouldnt be fair.

Bear with me a little longer....

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I'm guessing that what you like about the Sansuis' is the additional warmth you are getting from the bass. I'm also guessing the midrange isn't voiced to be as forward as the Heresy's either.

Since you have mono-blocks, something interesting you might do is put a Sansui on one channel, and a Heresy on the other. If you have a mono recording and a balance control, you could listen to each channel separately -- and you might get a better grasp on how to characterize the differences.

I'm just throwing this out here -- but it almost sounds to me, based on everything I have read on this forum over the last couple of years -- that the speaker you would enjoy most is a set of Cornwalls.

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I was just going through a similar experience last night listening to my soon to be shipped out 222C I sold to Wolfram. I was working a Chris Robinsons EICO and listening to the 222C thinking to myself why the Heck are you selling this you must be nuts !! But off she goes today I just have to thin out all these amps and turn tables I have !!


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NOS - glad it is not just me.

Dean - I have a sneaking suspicion you might be right although I have never heard the Cornwall.

Where on Gods green earth am I going to find one?

I would be surprised if there is one here in greece (let alone a pair)

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