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COVID layoff's


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I get an email this morning from the President/CEO of our company (company wide broadcast)


Among 14 other paragraphs:


"Today, we are announcing that we will not lay off any associates in 2020 for any reason related to the COVID-19 outbreak"


How cool is that.  I had told my coworkers that I felt we were in a pretty safe position because we work with State employees.  As such, our "employer" is the state (our company is in something like 40 states)


Since the state employees have a job, might be working from home....but STILL need our services (for their retirement), the odds are that the various states will never cut us off as we represent one of the primary benefits their employees have and you can't "just do" what we do....  lots of technical training and you need a securities license.  Heck, my training, which I thought would be a week at MOST, was officially something like three MONTHS and I'm still learning.


Anyway, it was nice to see my suspicion validated.  I like to think he was paying attention to my comments but I somehow doubt he's got a clue who I am.


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