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NETFLIX, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc recommendations


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I searched to see if such a thread exists, but found none. Without streamed TV this house arrest would be unbearable.


Although I have several candidates, I don’t want to hog the podium, so I’ll start with a Netflix series I just discovered. The Innocence Files is interesting and very compelling, especially to this former prosecutor.


I look forward to getting suggestions from others here.  Stay sane while staying safe.

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5 minutes ago, Drewg said:

Ozark on Netflix. Great series, 3 seasons so far.


Several other people, whose opinions I also value, recommended Ozark.  I enjoyed the first episode but then the wife and I agreed to defer watching more until she is done with the hospice care she and her sister are providing to their 96 year-old mother across town.

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Longmire on Netflix is a great series. 6 Seasons. We have also enjoyed Heartland on Prime, though some may find it a bit cheesy or soap operaish. Lost in Space on Netflix, 2 seasons so far & Ripper Street on Netflix.


Haven't watched yet, but Lock & Key seems intriguing.


Interesting Documentary: Marijuana X takes a look at the legalization of Marijuana's impact on Colorado and its people. This is on YouTube.

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On Netflix;

The Crown

The Witcher

Luke Cage

Dead To Me

Altered Carbon

The Umbrella Academy

Breaking Bad

Mad Men

Sense 8

Santa Clarita Diet



The Last Kingdom

Sex Education

Penny Dreadful

Lost in Space

To name a few.

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On 4/20/2020 at 9:18 AM, Foxman said:

Longmire on Netflix is a great series


Very good!


I have a list at home, if I can find it.



Doc Martin is a hoot...


Just finished an Italian series, The Trial. It's overdubbed but that doesn't bother us too much. Only 8 episodes and it is done.

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43 minutes ago, joshnich said:

Godfather of Harlem on Epix

The Restaurant on Sundance ( in Swedish with subtitles) 

Bosch ( Amazon)

Schitts Creek (Netflix)

Broadchurch ( Netflix)

LaReina del Sur (Netflix) in Spanish w/subs


I liked Broadchurch.

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