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Sold: Klipsch Epic CF4 in perfect condition


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These are one of a kind! A very special custom finish using only top quality products. I enjoy doing this kind of work, and want to share this set with you. Dyed in layers using Yellow, Amber, Orange, Cinnamon. Multiple shellac wash coats were applied at various stages. Java stain provided the depth needed to make the grain really express itself. Top coated with 3 coats of satin lacquer. The grills have been washed clean. The backs and fronts have been cleaned. You will not find this level of quality anywhere in a used speaker. If you like I could even include my signature on them, but that is not necessary.


More photos down in the thread below.  Any forum members (post count >10) who want the original hi-rez photos sent via email, send me a PM.


Link to Klipsch Epic series brochure


Serial # 342598164

Serial # 342598165


Born on Friday December 8, 1995




All stock, except for the custom finish, and in 99% perfect condition. One owner before me.

If you want to mod these in any way, I can provide assistance, or just mod them for you

If you just want some Dynamat, I have enough on hand to do that.


Details on the sale are as follows:


Exclusive sale to the Klipsch Community. Forum members only with a minimum of 10 posts at the time of offer please. I will deliver the pair myself directly to the address of your choosing once the sale is finalized.*


*Locations where I will deliver to are as follows










Missouri (Northern)

Nebraska (Eastern)

North Carolina (Western)

North Dakota

South Dakota


South Carolina (Western)


Virginia (Western)

West Virginia



I put over a week of work into these and all you have to do is sit in your chair and smile when they show up.

No Trades. No discounts. No haggle.

** Terms will apply until June 1st, 2020 or later.


Don't forget to hit the like button😁



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If I were in the market, I would want them left in that sanded natural finish. To me it looks better than other options. I have two pair of Heresy Gen 1 in raw birch and much prefer that to the oak, cherry, or whatever.


Gorgeous work by the way!




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On 4/22/2020 at 10:24 PM, teaman said:

left in that sanded natural finish

Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately with the all black grill and black trim and black motor board, that combo would just not work at all. Underneath the masking it is just one big mass of inky blackness. I agree, clear-coated unstained look can be good for something with some cane grills though. Epics did come in a factory special order whitewash finish with a white face. I have never seen anyone with whitewashed ones before, but there is a pic in the PDF above. I will update this thread daily as things progress. Thanks for following along.


Here is some inspiration







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With aniline dyes and them being so light, you could make them any color you want.  I'm sure you're probably hesitant since they are in such nice shape though.  Something unconventional might be really cool-  you can do deep blues and reds, hell even purple with the black would probably look killer.  I've never been a fan of the light oak, but every pair of speakers I've ever gotten with oak veneer has been in too good of shape and hasn't needed refinishing to try something like that.65d703126587b8a9baff0732c55a8f5e.jpg

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So here is what we have to work with. Base color is down. Don't worry it won't stay this color, intensity, or saturation. That will all change as I progress through the stages. This is just to provide the undertone. Really no where near a final look. Check back tomorrow to see more.




2020-04-23 14.52.36.jpg

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Stay tuned. Took a couple of extra days. Did not want to rush. These stages do take time to cure before progressing. Just waiting for the final cure before I can post the final pictures. The sale will begin on 5/3/2020. Pricing will also be posted then. The entire thread in fact will be updated. This will be a Klipsch Forum Exclusive Sale. That's right! Not listing anywhere outside the forum before June and possibly even longer if interest keeps up. I will have a complete list of the locations where delivery will be available. It is a surprisingly large area and covering many states. Once sold, these will be coming direct to the location of your choosing free of charge. There will only be one set price. No bidding. No haggling. Hi-Rez photos will be sent by email to Forum members (post count >10) that request them. 

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