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Who wants to help me pick out a couple of used 2-channel pieces, this fine Saturday?


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First, I’ve always been a HT guy through and through but curiosity ended getting the best of me a couple weeks ago.
I posted this in the “what I got today” thread a couple weeks ago but when I tried hooking up the amplifier, it popped fuses and then smoke came out of the vents. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper:/
I’ve decided to take the Linn pieces in to a local repair shop to have them all cleaned up and to have the amp serviced, if possible.
In the meantime, I don’t want to wait 4 - 6 weeks without some tunes so I’d like to pick up a few affordable used pieces, to get me up and running until the Linn gear is ready to go.
Here are the pieces I purchased to go with the Linn gear, before the amp fried and some pieces that I have lying around:
- New Klipsch RP-600M bookshelf’s speakers.
- Emotiva UPA-1 Monoblocks
- Monolith 4 Tier Rack
- Panamax M5100-PM
I am just planning on using a CD player and possible streamer. Maybe a turntable down the road.

Now for my noob, 2-channel equipment questions. Which of the following, used gear should I buy?
Used Processor options:
Emotiva USP-1 - $180
Emotiva UMC-200
Emotiva XDA-2 - $200
Used CD Player options:
- Oppo BDP-93 - $300
- Emotiva ERC-2 - $300
- Oppo BDP-105 - $650
I would really appreciate someone holding my hand through these two purchases, so I end up with the best, budgeted results I can.
The plan is to use this gear until the Linn stuff has been serviced. I would then likely be selling the processor and the CD player unless you all think I’d just be better off getting rid of the Linn gear and keeping the proposed used Oppo/Emotiva gear.
I will also need setup advice, as again, I’ve strictly been focused on home theater the past 20 years.
This little 2-channel system is going to be used to review pairs of tower and bookshelf speakers, in case that matters.
Here’s some pics of the existing gear and the wall it’s all going to have to be jammed into:
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30 minutes ago, K5SS said:

Well, I’m obviously impatient:)

I guess I am also.:o  How did I miss your most recent post?:unsure:


31 minutes ago, K5SS said:

I ended up grabbing the Oppo BDP-93 for $200

Very good price IMO.


32 minutes ago, K5SS said:

I now need advice on the preamp.

Never owned or heard any Emotiova preamps or preamp/processors.



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Definitely for that price.

That seems to be an amazing price, after looking into it.

I had the 105 back in the day but I got rid of it true 4k

Those prices are nuts. Looks like I should have kept it

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The 105 can act as your streamer also.

I messaged the guy, so we’ll have to see..

I also messaged the owner of the XDA-2 but he also hasn’t replied.

You’re always so helpful Bill! I hope you and your family are well!

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