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UmmKaaay, so there was this phase.* Twenty and on the hunt. Decided Donna Summer and all the disco were alright sometimes but P-funk changed that for me, the next step was the Cure, Depeche Mode, Violent Femmes and the like. College radio music.

These guys could throw down a good show in a small place.


the THE



*faze ?? c'mon msft keylogger or whatever malware you are, I'll find you and turn you off again! No photon torpedos here either.

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34 minutes ago, AndreG. said:

The Cure – I haven´t seen Cure here for a long time.

I'm mainly a rocker but a lot of the Alternative stuff is great. Missed Marilyn Manson in Orlando alt? Heavy? weirdo✔️ cause it was cancelled then rescheduled back in the early 90s. DEPECHE? Wow I've been told they were legendary live!



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9 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

That's why we keep @JohnJaround Andre.  Hey just keeps pullin 'em outta no where!  😂

AND @billybob too!

He got the great Redbone out again today:laugh: plus the other groovy, fantastic 60s to 70s stuff!


Y'all ready for another massive change in direction from where I was earlier today? To me these guys are like heavy metal sometimes... crossed with progressive.. Oh a heavy dose of progressive at that. I talked about them the other day somewhere here, was jammin and decided I had to pull the trigger again my trigger finger had gone lethargic. I exercised it and:


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