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This guy laffs when he says he's spent 50 years as just another guy in the band.  A long time member of the E Street band has had quite the life both as a soloist w/his band then hooked up w/Bruce.  When all you acoustic boys figure this out get back to me.  hahaha  Amazing tune and his extended vocals are just killer.  Written for a friend who eventually passed from cancer.  I hit Phoenix Thursday I'm prayin we bump somewhere  Hell anywhere would be a total hoot.  One can dream but ya never know.  :)




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On 9/21/2021 at 1:09 PM, Marvel said:


reminds me of one of my family's portugee reunions.   one of my cousins, a long haired truck driver, also played the accordion. He'd be playing the accordion while my 800 year old uncle was playing the guitar. the rest of the family were either drinking , fighting, or playing poker or doing all three. 

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