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24 minutes ago, Subway said:

Sincerely sorry about your Mother @JohnJ. I was unaware.


Mask-mostly likely.

Thanks bud, was last year. It is to be expected by the time your around 60 though.


We tried going as "the Blob" once for Halloween and used stockings like the crime geniuses of yesteryear did.

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Dug these guys from the first time I saw them, it was this tour. Had heard their song that was beeped out unless it was played after dark. But maybe it's because half of my heritage is from Scotland also!




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On 9/29/2021 at 10:08 AM, JohnJ said:

 @billybob I've been listening to Naz since I got my pc to behave again an hour ago. Only thing is, I'm not cranking it..


"Here's Your Sign"



No, yes dang straight John! 

Really like their 2XXS album also...back to the trenches.

Actually as long as Manny on guitar, well worth it...thanks 



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After a twelve and a half minute Starless I went to a better part of the 80s.



Good one for checking out your subwoofer's abilities!


*the tenth track is kinda fun!

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