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This one is the more hardcore one I have and it has a freakin' origami puzzle cover!



* This band could possibly have spawned the creativity of members of Monster Magnet and the Claypool Lennon Delirium. If you know those bands and then hear it... oh yeaa it's in there!

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Got chili simmering, thought I'd pull up some toe tapping southwestern music. Like this band and they put another out last summer, they talk about how they dig Buffalo Springfield and do a couple covers here.

Out of tortilla chips, weren't at the warehouse this am. I've got big flour ones so it's burritos for a couple days!

Gotta go with the flow :wink:


Los Lobos:



* They do a good job with "For What It's Worth" !

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Just listening to this album on vinyl 

It’s the first spin of the new year 


It’s got everything- classical, Prog, Rock, Jazz and everything in between 


Sometimes all on one track 🤪


Enjoy and search out the other titles of Paganini Variations by Andrew Lloyd Webber 




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another day

another year

put it at the top of my checkbook register three times:


2022                                                                  2022                                                                         2022 




Their last decent tune as they went top40!

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8 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Man that list is just like changing underwear a bunch of times!  😂


I don't get into that.

But I could host an eclectic radio show with even more variation with what I've seen here!

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Watched an apocalyptic movie on youtube.. Good for a low budget deal but horrible all the same (the subject matter). "Threads" from the mid `80s.


Enough of that looked over at the side and found a good one I have. I don't have enough of this guy's work.



I'll try to post the whole LP in her most of the time.

This one's better than good... it's outstanding!!

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If you've got the time give the whole thing a listen then just marvel at the low view count.

Because it does not match the level of talent and the level of people that know of and have liked this band. They're just older than us young cool connected people!



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