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On 1/1/2022 at 6:23 PM, JohnJ said:

As things change towards the new order here's some more thoughts.










We can not wait!

Start where you live, with those around you.


13 minutes ago, dirtmudd said:

you forgot one


or two !


And the best for last


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1 minute ago, Dave1291 said:

Nice tune Shiva!   :)  Thanks!  I'm still listening!

Yeah,  I played it several times last night on my system.  Made a mental note: remember this song to post on the Klipsch forum come morning.  

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Found a band that's new to me and from fifty years ago.

First song I know from Metallica's Garage cover tune LP. Second from Ted's repertoire of encores, or AC/DC's encores...


Saw MWM's just for fun a minute ago so this goes along with and would ROCK with the set @geoff. did after the hook-up.



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Things just seem to happen in the music business.  Lil back story her name is Valerie and Dion was watching her just dancing alone between the tables in a bar one night in South Florida.  He said he HAD to write a song about her, which he did on the ride home.  Then asked Mark Knopfler to join him on the song.  His new album "Stomping Ground" dropped recently.  Yes, that is her in the video.  Might wanna check the list of artists on that new album of his too.  :)  Enjoy!




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Site pre-sale is sold out but calling for a release on Jan. 28th.  I'm jumpin!  lol  Just another day in the life I guess.  :)  


She's hot?  Yea, and she knows it BUT he just made her day.  Prolly sitting on her dias out by the pool @ his place now!  hahaha

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2 hours ago, Shiva said:

That's a cool story, great song and the girl is Hot!👍

There are lots that look similar to that "Spicy Meatball" in that huge city of South Florida!

Miami is just one of the neighborhoods, last I was down there the metro area started at Vero Beach.

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