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Full Range

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19 hours ago, Full Range said:


I agree , never listened to his solo under such a view ! Great !


Btw ..the whole album is a killer in it´s californian soul genre, if I listen to it ..the sun is always shining



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8 hours ago, sunburnwilly said:

Are acid washed jeans a thing again 🤷‍♂️

Ha! I clicked on my pic and can see why you said that. Those are the last t-shirt thin 501s that I bought in `14 or `15. Wear jeans for about a week before I wash them. Have a couple 22 oz Brave Star that are almost as thick as jeans are supposed to be. They say they're Straight Leg but they are kinda skinny and my hide has gotten slack a little the last decade...



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The thoughts crossed my mind a lot quicker than it took to type it.

But why do they have that crinkly finish kind of like acid wash? I never saw that putting them on. Maybe because I did not put them in the freezer then take a tire brush to them to clean then :blink2:

Whoever put that on a tag on them ain't right in the head, I digress:



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On 8/26/2022 at 2:48 PM, JohnJ said:

That is nice @Marvel

But I just don't understand the guys that wear those girl pants.

Heck I think these are too tight!


Don't you know about the new fashion honey? All you need are looks and a whole lotta money. Can't go wrong with 501 Button Fly.



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& that's a great Billy Joel record you quoted from!

They don't even list the weight of the selvedge denim anymore! because it ain't much over ten oz I'd bet! & it isn't selvedge like they used to be either.


The ones that wear like cardboard for the first month. It's the original that can stand straight up on their own on the legs until washed enough that they fit like comfortable gloves. Oh and they're hard to wear when it's over 90.

Imogene & Willie has a lightweight 14 oz that's the closest to a straight leg for regular folks with a butt and muscles in their thighs and calves... the Willie... it's over $200 now for one pair. :(




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