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2 hours ago, Shiva said:

As I grew up with a pair of Altec's in my bedroom, I have always had an fondness towards them,  though mine did not have horns . Here some A-7 Voice of The Theater in action.



me too, I had a pair of A7-800 in my bedroom as a teen they lasted less than a year til my mum explained that they had to go out of her home. Those were my first and last horns for a long time til I got some Tannoy's and then later some Klipsch and now back to Tannoys with the Revolution Series XT Mini which are simply amazing. I also have a pair of the larger XT6 but they do not integrate nor image as well as the Mini do with their smaller woofer cone and tweeter comp driver. These really must be heard in a top flight system to be appreciated.

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