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1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

Been bummed lately, trying to hit on things that need done on the house... hint $$ Trying to get things I need to get back to a normal life... hint $$ plus I already bought and own from years ago! and I'm really close to running out except for an emergency fund that should be at $10k but isn't anymore.

The only solution is DIY if age has not wearied you and you can’t get on the roof any longer 🏠 

Luckily I can accomplish many things a tradesman can do if not better 

If I was to calculate the money saved over the years it would amount to well over 100 K 


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Posted (edited)

When I sold my airless paint sprayer setup the guy was blown away that I took $500 for it.

Told him it all adds up having made tens of thousands with it over the years!!


The diy will come into play... re-purchasing first :angry:


My FORMER relative that has stolen my 60 years worth of stuff will receive his payback.

It's not my job, he'd shoot me if I showed up there.


God Knows!

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4 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

@dirtmudd wellllll that isn't werkin.  Everything's up to date to.  Ugh.

I get “ This Video is Age Restricted “ 

Yea right - wind back several decades and I will be under age 🤪🤪

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On 5/25/2024 at 1:31 PM, billybob said:

Happy Memorial day weekend:



To you too!

Not much going on here... yet.



Well.... not sure he notices any of that.




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Those kids with the eyeliner can jam!


Found a show I'd almost forgot about, might get the one week free and binge on three seasons of action, awesome almost uninhibited, quirky, blasphemous, kick-a** action! Great casting, original script and this fun little tune was in the pilot at one point!




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