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@Full Range EVERYthing Jordan does is amazing.  Then throw him in w/Neal Morse, Portnoy & Petrucci?  It's outta the box good schiit.  WAY outta the box and beyond amazing.  That touch of Keith Emerson & Wakeman?  Makes it even better.  Funny how he played with them in that video you posted.  He had that in a nano second he's THAT good.  He really didn't add his magic but you can take it to the bank if he likes something and plays w/it the end result will be nuts.


Here's one he cranked with Neal Morse & John Petrucci.  At Neal's lil gig in Cleveland I slipped up to that night a couple years ago during covid he told me he was gonna throw it into the setlist for me.  He played the keys and Eric picked up the slack.  Mike just cooked it.  Blah.  lol 


Yea, the distance thing was crazy but I was fortunate enough to spend about 15 minutes just shooting the bull prior to the show.  Portnoy never says too much cause he just beats the h3ll outta everything.  The sleeper that night was Eric Gillette.  Keep an eye on him.  Neal actually closed the show with this and the people went ballistic.


The venue is fantastic up there.  Small and comfy, great food and drinks if you want them.  Maybe 300 ppl so perfect.  The crazy thing was I sat row 3 center and after the song he ducked down and looked at me grinning so he got the heart punch and pointy finger.  He laffed and returned it. 


The next night they played Ft Wayne and I seriously thought about another 2.5 hour drive West this time instead of North East to hear them again and get to know him a bit better.  In all, it was just a couple old guys talkin schiit.  What them kids know anyway?  😂💪



Just an old Hackett song anyway.  Just the twist.   😂


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16 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

Back atcha @billybob



This must be their Motown period 


5 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

It would be funny...


NSFW but it is reality!


Careful now. Do Not Click.


Love this cool country cat :biggrin:





I did click and listen 

School board ? WTF was my reaction 

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5 minutes ago, Full Range said:

This must be their Motown period 

You never heard Deep Purple lay down a BEAT?

Yep their early stuff, and Goats Head Soup another favorite of mine was out at about the same time



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