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Promedia 2.1 thunder/loud static noise

Krank it up

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Thunder / loud static sound coming from promedia 2.1 sub.

Unhooked from source,

Plugged into different outlet,grounded power strip,still making loud static thunder sound.

Do I need to buy new or is there a fix.

Thanks for any help.

P.s..I need my Jams back..

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Hard to diagnose issues without hearing the unit but its likely the amp or woofer surround is bad. These are the most common problems as well.


Unless you are handy and can do repairs yourself it may be time to get some new gear.


I recommend a set of bookshelf speakers and for power whatever fits your situation (receiver, integrated or mini amp).

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Many videos on youtube to fix this issue. 
I have a set of ProMedia 2.1 in all four of my kids bedrooms and occasionally we apply the methods in videos to clean with electronics contact cleaner inside the speaker with the electronics and volume knob. Very easy to do for even a novice. HOPEFULLY it will work for you as well. 

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