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Building my own center channel for La Scalas

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On 5/5/2020 at 9:54 PM, yamahaSHO said:

I am currently in a couple-day holding pattern as I wait for some proper-length HDMI cables.  Once those come in and are routed away from heat, I'll start putting it all back together and tiling up to the ceiling.  I am curious to see how it sounds and test... to see how I need to adjust the crossover.  

Run conduit if you need to do so so you can change to any new standards in the future. 



Did you use thinset to attach the Hardibacker to the drywall or just screws? 




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No need for conduit as now that there are holes and I've seen behind the drywall, I can pull anything through. 


Yes, I used thinset behind the Hardibacker. 

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