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SOLD:Forte iii Special Edition California Black Wallnut

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Hi Guys


It's been a while since I posted anything on the forum but I have been checking in occasionally.

I have a used set of special Edition Fortiii. Honestly these have been in their box 90% of the time since I got them. Klipsch website mentions that only 70 pairs were made.

The color, wood grain is amazing on these. Truly works of art. 

They will come with 2 sets of grills. Original lambs wool and black.  

No imperfection/marks on the speaker boxes or drivers. Everything is perfect as they have been stored in their original box since I moved into the new house.


Multiple reason for selling cash & baby on the way being the main ones. 

I thought I'd never sell them...but here I am.

Location: Detroit area, Michigan. Close to Northern part of Lake st Clair

Price point: $3800

Posted here first but will go on ebay & other sites in a few days time.

Pick up only. 







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Very nice.


Good luck with your sale.



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The woodgrain on your set is magnificent!!

Good Luck, if you haven't heard the F3's you owe it to yourself to hear them once even if you have LS or bigger!

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They are really amazing...but I unfortunately I can do with the money right now.

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