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The Sixes and the R-120SW - humming sound

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I just buy Klipsch The Sixes and an Klipsch subwoofer R-120SW, I connected them ok, and gets some beautiful sound out of them.


My issue is when they are idle, and not playing music, there is a humming sound. 

I have tried disconnecting all cables, and the humming sound is caused by the sixes speakers, when I disconnect the subwoofer cable the humming is gone.


Also when I turn on the sixes speakers, there is three clicking sounds in the subwoofers before the humming begins. 


The subwoofer cable I have is a $100, 10 meter, 32,8 ft Jenving cable (http://www.jenving.com/products/view/y-link-1rca-2rca-blue-10m-1001905882)

When I bought these two Klipsch devices, I assumed they would fit each out like a glove..


Does any body know what could cause this, or point me in the direction of solving this, thanks!


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Long RCA cables can pick up interference and cause this.  Try switching the ends between the sub and the Sixes.  Some cables are shielded in a way that it will make a difference. 

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This is the same cable I use, just without the y-link, so it shouldn't be the cable. I have heard that some systems have a grounding issue when it comes to the subs, although I haven't personally experienced this issue. For this, they make subwoofer cables that include a ground connection like the AudioQuest Blacklab Subwoofer Cable: https://www.audioquest.com/cables/analog-interconnects/subwoofer-cables/black-lab. You'll find a screw on the back of your plate amp on your subwoofer that you can attach the ground terminal to.


I don't want to encourage you to buy a new cable, as I haven't got any personal experience with this issue, but just thought I'd mention it in case it helps you narrow down the issue. Perhaps someone else on the forum will be able to suggest alternative ways for you to troubleshoot a grounding issue.

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