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Looking for thin subwoofer recommendation


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I'm looking to add a thin subwoofer behind my head board in my bedroom theater to smooth bass response. 

Behind the headboard I have about 4 feet of height to work with, about 3 feet of width, but only 10 inches of depth. The headboard is open on the sides, so no worries about this being a bad spot for a subwoofer. 

With the depth issue I will have to go with a sub that uses an eight inch driver. I'm currently avoiding the custom route. 

Ideally I would love to find an option that utilizes multiple 8 inch drivers, has an efficient amplifier (class D, G, H etc.) and is under 500.

I of course could just buy multiple 8 inch subs and stack them behind the headboard, but I'll only entertain that if all other avenues fail. 

Any fresh ideas would be greatly appreciated!! 

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My diy THSpud clones are roughly those dimensions (11 x 48 x 45) and uses dual 8" woofers. While probably overkill for your needs in the bedroom, it shows that you can probably get plans for some sort of tapped or folded horn sub to fit your needs.. rather than a traditional cube sub design.

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I'm not quite finding anything that I'm liking much, I would be up for trying this cerwin vega subwoofer that utilized dual 8 inch drivers, but it isn't made anymore. I may have to go another direction. I would like something that goes into the low 20 hertz range reliably, even if I had to sacrifice spl since I'm sitting near field.


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