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9 hours ago, garyrc said:
  • Read both of the following before setting up Audyssey.  The first one is in question and answer form, and ultra clear, providing a nice cognitive map of the subject, but it lacks some new material.   The second one is more detailed and updated to 2020, inc the newer ideas on test microphone placement, etc.  I'd advise using the "Cliff Notes" format near the beginning, reading anything to do with Audyssey first!
  • Virtually everyone ends up increasing the bass a few dB AFTER running Audyssey.  The reasons are given in the two documents.  The docs also discuss how to turn up the bass.

thanks ..let me read ..

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2 hours ago, angelluisg said:

awesome room..wow!! I have panel acoustics


Ah, thank you. And yeah, your panels look great. I would still recommend you try a heavy curtain (drape) instead of the blinds in front of your sliding door, as the blinds probably won't be doing much to absorb reflections on the left side of the room. An added bonus of dark heavy drapes would be that they'd cut out more light which will improve your daytime movie watching etc.


Lastly, your crossover settings sound quite low on most of your channels if I understood correctly. In my experience, auto room correction systems don't always get this right, and you might want to move these settings closer to 80hz and see if that doesn't sound better. But you definitely want them at least 10 - 20 hz higher than the low end rating of your speakers as @wvu80 pointed out above...

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