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Jeff Matthews

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I'm not a fan of wireless (won't last long enough for me)....  so took Dean'o's X-20I recommendation.


(I currently have an older pair of Custom 3's)


So far, I really like the X20 and I LOVE the improvement of the cord over the Custom series. 


I don't know anything about the others to comment.

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57 minutes ago, Deang said:

Sounds like you're looking for wireless.


Jabra Elite Active 75t




You can always spend more ...

Those are pricey.  Not ruling them out, though.  

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1 hour ago, Jeff Matthews said:

I have very little experience using them.  I don't know if there's a better option than BT if you plan to listen to music while jogging. 

haven’t researched them. I listen to music with earbuds hooked into my phone while i walk. But I have VERY small ear canals and the ear buds are constantly coming out or coming so loose that i have to press them back in. 

I’ve used all the different sizes that come in the package and can’t get a tight fit. They do the job with some work, but i wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a pair. 

hope you have better luck. 

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19 hours ago, Jeff Matthews said:

I have very little experience using them.  I don't know if there's a better option than BT if you plan to listen to music while jogging. 

that's why the X11's are some of the best... they are the most comfortable and LIGHTEST ear buds ever available. while they dont go super deep, they are fairly detailed, seal fairly well and sound good... not campfire good, but good none the less.

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On 5/30/2020 at 1:02 PM, Jeff Matthews said:

I have a mental block at $200 for earbuds.


I get it.  I was going to order a pair of X20's....  something like $500.  I don't need to spend that on something that might catch on my backhoe or tractor.....

Turns out they've been discontinued....  found some on an internet public selling site for half price.  So, I bought two pair.


Just gave them a side by side with my (I forget)  maybe $325 Custom 3's that were my replacement pair and recently came out of the unopened box....  these torque the C3's.


I for one, DO like a solid bottom end (not sure that sounded right!)


These have a much nicer bottom end sound than the C3's that I've been using for 13 years.


I'm glad I bought 2 pair....I'm going to hate it when I catch the first one on a shift knob or something stupid like that.


I bought two pair.  I have one pair that are unopened.  Well, the box is kind of open, but they are unworn.  I'd be happy to send them to you so you can fiddle with them.  If you like them, you can see if they're still available online for similar price, either buy them and have them sent to me (and you keep what I sent you) or you can send them back and go with another unworn pair.


So far, I like these an awful lot.


Who needs stinken TAD drivers on K402's... pfffffffffffffft~!!!!!!!!!




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I got these $50+ earbuds because of price and reviews.  Many reviews say the sound quality is about as good as much more expensive ones, has a great mic., etc.


My impression is this:  The sound quality is pretty good, even when the volume is at 100%.  I was hoping for ear-bleeding volumes, but they are loud enough that other sounds will not interfere with listening.


The quality of the mic seems to be very good.  I've used them on 2 calls so far, and both people said it sounded just fine.  I don''t know that I will use these much for talking on the phone, though.  We'll see...   They would be very nice for talking hands-free so you can do other things without having to put your phone call into speaker mode. 


I investigated into the loudness issue to see if I could try a few things.  There are many "sound booster" apps out there, and I tried one.  It definitely boosts the sound, but after about a 10-15% boost (which ain't bad), it starts to crack up a bit.  I don't know if I'm pushing a crappy "amp" from my phone or crappy speakers in my earbuds. 


I don't know that ear-bleeding, clean sound can be accomplished with a cell phone and ear buds.  I've never heard a pair sound like you're listening to Cornwalls cranked-up.  That was my hope but not something that is necessary to have.





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Posted (edited)


Actually I believe that over the ear or on ear headphones tend to be more comfortable than 'earbud' style headphones. of course there are 'canalphones" and "in ear monitor" style in ear headphones as well which tend to be more comfortable than earbud style. I have small ears, so not all earbuds work fine for me, maybe only earbuds like this can work  https://gagadget.com/en/67418-best-earbuds-for-small-ears-review/

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