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Cds for sale

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I going though my racks of cds and I have decided to sell off my extra cds ,I will ship usps media mail1-5 cd’s 3.00 and if interested in more than 5 we can check on shipping cost.Each cd priced they are in very good to excellent condition 

Ray Charles Genius loves company 4.00 I have multiple of this title 6 priced each

Roy Orbison Mystery Girl.              4.00 2 copies priced each

Lyle Lovette Joshua Judes Ruth sealed 7.00 and used copy 4.00

Lyle Lovette and his Large Band 4.00

Lyle Lovette The road to Ensenada 4.00

James Taylor October Road.        4.00 2 copies priced each

James Taylor Hour Glass      4.00 

Diana Krall Live in Paris         4.00

Brian Wilson Love and Mercy 4.00

Brian Wilson Imagination.     5.00

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant No quarter 7.00

Josh Groban. 4.00 2 copies priced each

Josh Groban closer 4.00 2 copies priced each

Josh Groban Awake 4.00

Nora Jones Feels like home 5.00

K.D.Lang Ingenue 4.00

K.D.Lang All you can eat 5.00

K.D.Land and Tony Bennett a wonderful world 5.00

Chris Isaak forever blue 3.00

Jackson Browne Alive 3.00

U2all you can leave behind 5.00
Bruce Springsteen Lucky Town 4,00

Bruce Springsteen The Rising 4.00 


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I'm interested in all Lyle Lovette and all James Taylor used i.e. 5 cd's.  No hurries No worries!


thanx d

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Bobby is a great guy and his descriptions are dead on accurate


On another note, Bobby you might consider the shipping another route / charge. Apparently the USPS is falling short on any kind of timely delivery currently. I would suspect Media Mail would fall even further behind as it is 1 that they consider the least important packages to deliver in the best of times.


Anyway good luck with the sale

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