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Which Klipsch?


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On 6/22/2020 at 8:21 AM, porsche987 said:

I am new to the forum but by no means new to the hobby. I have been an avid audiophile for over 40 years (I am 68). The list of equipment I have owned is extensive. Many hi end products form Audio Research, CJ, Quicksilver, Mcintosh, Vandersteen, Thiel, Dahlquist, Magnepan, Roland and on and on.  Vintage form Marantz classics, Advent, EPI and Yamaha NS1000's. I was one that always turned my nose up to Klipsch. I got so burned out on chasing the elusive that I walked away from the hobby some 10 years ago and sold all of my stuff and used the room for home theater. Then I retired a year ago and started watching YouTube. Checking in on the latest.  I decided to build a moderate system in a new dedicated room in my basement.  A large room, 20x28x9. Started with some moderate Cambridge, Wharfedale Linton Heritage, Rega table and retaining all of my significant LP and CD collection.  I started streaming. Room boomed seriously so sent room plans to GIK acoustics and fully treated my room with their traps/reflectors. WOW....single biggest improvement I have ever made to a system! Thought I would try some modest upgrades.  Ended with a full Schiit system of Aegir monos, Freya +, Bifrost 2 and Mani phono pre. Still using the Linton's.  Also have a vintage pair of Rogers LS 3/A's I bought in the 70's. I became intrigued by high efficiency speakers via YouTube. I tried a pair of Zu Audio Omen DW's.  Disappointing although the people at Zu are awesome. Returned them. Made a trip to a dealer here in northern Indiana and heard Forte 3's Heresy 3's and an older model of Khorns. Very unimpressed but a horrid setup on all parts. Made a trip to southern Michigan and heard Heresy 4's and RF7 mk 3's Better but not stellar. Great dealer, good setup but a bit crowded display. I was intrigued enough that I looked up this forum and joined. Seeking opinions on Forte, Heresy, Cornwall and RF7's. A fellow member that lives close graciously offered to invite me to hear his system.  He has a large collection!  WOW! This has been the single most enlightening and spectacular audition of audio I have experienced! I heard four separate sets of LaScalas (series one and two as well as commercial), three sets of Heresy's 1, 4 and commercial. And a pair of Khorns.  All driven by various vintage tubes (Scott and Fisher I believe). The Khorns were devastatingly good.  They were, however, highly modified with virtually all stock parts replaced. Detail, soundstage, transparency, dynamics and any other audiophile adjective you can use were all phenomenal. I was dumbfounded!  


At the same time as I joined I found, via a post here, a pair of Forte 1's for sale that were literally 2 miles from me.  I very briefly auditioned and purchased on the spot. They are pristine given their age. One owner, oiled walnut, all original packaging and other than a dent on one passive dust cap near perfect. Brought them home with great excitement only to be initially very disappointed. Very dynamic but lacking definition, soundstage definition and a horridly boomy bass.  Played with placement which is so untraditional for me as they require a close rear wall location.  On advise here, I replaced tweeter diaghprams and crossovers from Crites. Repaired dust cap. Dampened horns with Dynamat. Much improved but still disappointing, I am listing them for sale if anyone interested? Upper bass and lower midrange seem opaque and congested. Room? Traps? I do not know.  I removed traps behind speakers and things got much worse.  Woofers seem to be in perfect working order and lowest frequencies are well defined. Regardless, they are for sale. 


So now, after my incredible audition I am on the look for my next speaker and it WILL be Klipsch. Used Khorns? Cannot afford new. Used LaScala's?  Again $$. New Cornwall IV's.  Found a B stock pair for $4700.  Still more than I would like to spend but will do if necessary. I do plan to head to Indy soon to audition all new Klipsch models at Ovation. Perhaps that will help me decide. I am not at all opposed to buying a used pair of Khorns or Lascalas but I am very picky about finish and aesthetics.  They have to be walnut and cabinets must be nearly new in appearance.  I am not opposed to doing upgrades and driver replacements. I sure wish I could justify new Khorns but I swore I would not go $$$$ crazy like I have in the past. Any and ALL advise is welcomed and appreciated.  I am grateful I have found this forum as it is a wealth of information.


I finally want to extend a warm thank you to the member that so graciously invited me to his home during these difficult times and did an awesome job in introducing me to the wonder of Klipsch. That experience has changed this audiophiles life like no other.  Best I have ever heard and I have heard many!

You are lucky to have the opportunity to hear so many Klipsch models. :-)


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