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streaming DAC recommendations that pair well with La Scala's


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Hi all,

Looking for recommendations for streaming DAC's that would pair well with Primaluna integrated tube / La scala's and cornwall's


I have been looking at Lumin T2 and Auralic Vega G1. 


I am late to the game with Steaming technology and DAC's, im using a Sonos connect to stream Tidal and Qobuz and need an update. 

appreciate any suggestions.

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Everyone will recommend what they personally own.  I've had a few and really like the Schiit Bifrost.  It seemed to really clean things up in my system.  Things just sounded clearer once I put it in line.  There's tons of other good ones out there.  Pick a price point and do some research.  I use Tidal as well.

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I too like Schiit products, I currently have a Freya + pre.  Agree with @CECAA850 that you are most likely to hear what others currently have or want to buy.


Like the OP I've also had a few Sonos Connects around the house for casual dinner/party/pool/drinking music. I very much resisted the digital urge in my music room in favor of a turntable and vinyl. Recently the convenience and ADD got the best of me and I started to dip my toe in the waters of something better than the Sonos.


I started a similar thread over in two channel. You might want to give it a look lots of good info from others there. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/190406-dac-suggestions/



My must have was balanced XLR connections, so that limited a lot of the cheaper options. While I've not pulled the trigger on anything very expensive I have picked up both a Raspberry Pi 4 with HiFi Berry + DAC and something I found out over at the Roon forums I knew nothing about. Orchard Audio Pecan Pi. It is quite the little package. Dual mono Burr Brown DACs, separate linear power supply for the DAC that in turn powers the RPI3, all in a really nice case. I wish I found it before the RPI 4/HiFi Berry because it sounds great and does not break the bank, plays HighRez files including DSC all for about the cost of a Sonos Connect. You could probably buy one while you shop for the ultimate solution and sell it down the road and only be out the cost of a nice dinner and bottle of wine. Fantastic little plug and play Roon endpoint.


Here are the specs on it:



Good luck, let us know what you end up with.


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