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SOLD Set of (3) Mint KL-650-thx

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Selling a set of (3) KL-650-THX in mint condition with original form fit foam and manuals. No scratches or flaws. Selling cause I’m moving and have two sets. 



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Item sold

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Welcome to the forum.


Looks nice.  Now, how about a location and a price.





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Glad to finally Have joined. I got the klipsch bug 3 years ago and it’s truly a passion.


I live in CT and I’m selling (3) kL-650s-THX speakers for $2,200.


I haven’t decided if I want to sell the remaining equipment in the picture.


I’m potentially in the market to trade and pay cash for some jubilees. I don’t feel like I’ve done enough homework on them but I’m leaning towards the below setup for my next HT. 


Left,Center,Right: (3) Jubilees W/ TAD 4002

Sides: (2) KS-525-THX

Rear: (2) KL-650-THX

Ceiling Atmos: (4) KL-650-THX

Additional Subs: unsure

Acoustic screen so center jubilee doesn’t get in the way.


Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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