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Enclosure damping

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Hi, I can’t find a lot on this topic.  Does anybody have much experience with damping material in speaker enclosure?  You think it is a way to remove some resonance by seriously dampaing?  Could it cause any problems?  Thanks

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I used Fairfield Poly-Fil Extra Loft from Joanne's in my 12 inch woofer and passive radiator enclosure (75 liter). It is inexpensive and works well.


Whatever is used, it must not get between the woofer and the basket. Damping material also can only reduce, but not eliminate resonances from an inadequate structure.


If you have an existing vented system you need to carefully measure what effect the extra filling has on the performance.

This is just a 10,000 foot view and there are more detailed discussions online and in the reference books.

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