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I was looking at the FH-1  bass bins on Saturday and was trying to think of what to do with them. I ported them years ago and they ended up in a space that does not help them perform.  The K33 woofers ended up in another pair of speakers and the original black widows are back in. I had thought of selling but If anything has to go it would be the extra [air of Khorns.  The more I looked at the FH-1's I thought the handles could go and that's what I did to see if I could get them back into use.


I cut four 3/4 inch filler plugs and four 1/8 pieces of plywood. All of the 3/4 was cut a hair large and sanded to fit, It took several light taps with a  good size hammer to install and remove. The 1/8 inch panels were drilled to the same pattern as the handles and screwed on to the fh-1 cabs after the 3/4 plugs were installed and 4 pilot holes drilled to secure the 2 panels together. once the screwed together they were removed, disassembled and glued.




Plug fitted to cab.


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So it goes that the new handle plugs needed paint, the rest of the cabs did too. I was not excited about sanding off all of the duratex but did what I could with what I felt a reasonable effort to  remove the exterior and left the interior of the mouth alone.


One stripped of duratex and the other striped and 3 coats of 7777  Rustolium satin black.



One heavy coat of 7777  over the duratex on the mouth interior.


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This really was not the plan when I started to make the filler plugs but out came the tape measure and then the cardboard template went down on the floor and the next thing I know its 5pm and its getting close...



three quarters of an inch shorter than the bell with the port. I was thinking of a grill but lost ambition.


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