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You guys are not going to like this!

mr clean

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15 hours ago, Coytee said:

Oh, and uh...  my Camry is hitting right at 277K on the odometer last time I looked.  (2005).  Wife keeps telling me to get a new car I ask why?  Runs like a top, efficient....  yeah, the paint is getting dull but since I go buy seven (5-gallon) jugs of diesel, I currently as of typing this right now, have the steering knuckle for my backhoe in the trunk (hides the dead bodies) it's my little quasi truck.  I'm ok with this in this car and would not want to do this in a new car.  So I'll wait until it dies.  Re-evaluate what is killing it and either buy a car then......or fix it.

I have a 2004 Camry with 286,000 miles. Still runs great. I just had my ac go out about 2 weeks ago. I’m going to fix it. I think it’s a valve. The compressor is good. It’s a v6 also.

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