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How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?

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17 hours ago, orchardaudio said:



Did you move your post to another section?  


Here is my attempt to start answering your question:"How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?"

The amount of amplifier power needed is not as simple as it is sometimes depicted. 


 Need more information:


What speakers? Brand and model.  Sensitivity rating if available.


Room size.


Room liveness: Treatments?  What kind? Carpet?  Wall to wall, area rugs("throw" rugs)?  Drapes?  Photograph.


Distance from main listening position to speakers.


Type of music.


Loudness preference (Klipsch and Keel , Jr's  characterizations, DFH, Vol. 16, No. 1, January 1977 ):     

  • Medium                  85 dB
  • Loud                        90 to 100 dB
  • Very Loud:             105 to 110 dB
  • Too Damn Loud    115 dB


[105 dB is THX full scale (peak) above 80 Hz; 115 dB is THX full scale (below 80 Hz)].


A huge variable is the brand and model of speaker.  The range of amplifier power needed ranges from 3 watts to > 1,000 watts, depending on the above variables.

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And also the type of speaker.


Line source speakers, for instance, SPL does not decline at the same rate with distance as a more conventional direct radiator. Horn-loaded speakers are often designed with a different "throw" in mind - long throw (farther distances) or short throw.


And, in most residential rooms, there's not much decline in SPL after a few feet because of all the reflections.


Seems I remember responding to this same thread not too long ago.

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