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LSI Splits with KP-480 Sub

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Hello all - 


I just picked up a pair of LSI Splits and a pair of KP-480 subs (both are all original with factory crossovers and connectors).  I was looking for documentation on both sets of speakers along with proper wiring and setup with no luck.  Anybody with links or documents that would post or pass them on would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance!





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No documentation to provide but as I recall the Xover in the 480 is at 150Hz.  You can go in to the 480 full range and out of the HF out to the LSI input and then out of the LF out to the lower LSI cab.  You are stuck with one amp channel, the fixed crossover point and no balancing between the two components.  My preference would be an active Xover feeding separate amps for the LSI and 480.  Then you get to really dial them in with the best Xover point and relative levels.

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I don't have schematics for these but your LSI should be the same as a stock A or AA crossover as used in an LS of the same age. What are you needing to know about the wiring?

 You feed the full range in to the 480 and then HF out to the LSI splits. There should be an input there and then a feed from the bass bin to the horn section. Is that what you are wondering?

LSI .pdf KP-480.pdf

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