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HH Scott (wide c) Cabinet Spec’s


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hi 👋 all forum members


I’m trying to find some specs for a DIY tube amp cabinet. I was able to buy a working hh scott lk 72 without the wood cabinet (The tube amp is awesome, by the way). From the research i did online it’s the (wide c cabinet) i would need. If anyone has the specs to build, I‘d appreciate the info. thx’s guys 

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There is a gentleman that is remaking them in North Carolina I believe.  I have his contact information, but I haven't gone any farther than a couple email exchanges.  I was quoted $200 per cab which I think is probably too reasonable for me to mess around with making a pair for my 210f's.  I may be trading these so the cases are on hold atm.

His contact info-

Joe Cartwright

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