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Not sure what receiver I need for this set up


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Hi, I am new to making a home theater setup and need some help. The system I will be setting up will be a 5.1 system which will include: RP-600C, x2 RP-800F, x2 RP-500M, and a SVS PB-2000 Pro Subwoofer. I am not sure what receiver I need to power this speaker system setup.  How many watts per channel do I need to effectively run this system?  This home theatre setup will be used for gaming and watching movies. I hear Marantz and Denon are great receivers just not sure what size I need. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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I will add Yamaha to the mix. 

wuzzzer is right - look for the features you need and want and then look for something that will deliver clean power that your speakers can handle. 


You said RP-800F - do you mean RP-8000F? I find no 800s on a Google search (1st page searching for "RP-800F klipsch" no exact hits)

The 8000s have excellent specs - up to 150W RMS 98db. Do not short change them on an under-powered amp/receiver.  

Look for a major brand like have been listed, the features you need(want), enough channels to server your needs now (and maybe in a year or two) and enough power 120W or 130W per channel or more. 


My 2 cents only.



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I bought a Denon S960H, it's light on the pocket compared to more power hungry AVR's 

  This still sports a 90W per channel load and has all of the bells and whistles that higher end AVR's have. 


   I'd agree with everybody else on looking for the features you need. 

   *What i recommend is going to Crutchfield and using their "Price range" sorter on all the brand name models 

    Denon - Yamaha - Marantz -



    Click on the models that are tiered at the price range you want and then compare the features you want

     When you go over the Spec sheet on the Klipsch website (on the bottom) you can see what their impedance level's are for compatibility with the AVR. 


Crutchfield has an extensive learning center page of what to look for in a receiver, anything high end is going to cover what you want.  



 Most newer televisions can upscale, so if you want a receiver that has that option you'll have to research it, the S960H can't upscale but my LG C9 will cover that. 

   Looks like you'll have nice clear music and a booming home theater, next step is banana plugs, sub-woofer cable, cable gauge 99.9& oxygen free copper 14-16 AWG depending on length to your speakers this is a jumble. 


I got 12 Gauge for the Front-Sub-Center-Bookshelf speakers and 16 Gauge for my elevated speakers since the wire will go into the walls. 


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Welcome , You opened the door on this one! I agree on getting the features you like when choosing and it may depend on availability right now with everything going on. You may have to wait a bit depending on what you choose due to backorders but I'm not really sure. If it were me I wouldn't just grab anything that's available since you seem to be compiling a very nice set up. Are you able to demo any of the AVR's you have picked? I have heard different brands produce different sounds so it would be best to see what suits your ear's if you are able to test drive. I'm an Onkyo fan myself and would recommend they are not left off of your list as I've had a few over the years that have been shuffled around as I upgraded and have not been disappointed by them. Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience comparing them to anything else so I am biased but have been happy with their sound reproduction especially when I made the switch to Klipsch. I hope this didn't sound like an ad!

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100 watts or more/channel, 8 Ohms, 20 to 20K, all channels operating to properly stress the power supply (or at least 2 channels; most AVR manufacturers have refused to give an "all channels operating" figure ... terrible!), at low (< .08%, or so) distortion.  One advantage of Marantz (or Denon) is that they have Audyssey.  You want one with Audyssey XT32, not just XT or lower.  Read carefully.  It takes about 1/2 a day to properly set up Audyssey, including reading up on it.  Some people rush and then don't like it.  I didn't rush, and love it.  NOTE: most people turn up the bass (either at the sub, or a tone control) after running Audyssey.  Read:

"Audyssey FAQ Linked Here"


[includes Audyssey information!]
* The Guide linked above is a comprehensive guide to Audio & HT systems, including:
Speaker placements & Room treatments; HT calibration & Room EQ; Room gain; Bass
Preferences; Subwoofer Buyer's Guide: Sealed/ported; ID subs; Subwoofer placement.


Same recommendations as above, but it uses Dirac instead of Audyssey.  Get one with the highest form of Dirac, covering the full frequency range.

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