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Cable for 7.2 Home Theater Choices (MY SET-UP)


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I just wanted to get peoples views on proper cable wire perspective's on my initial buy (BELOW). 

The cable wire that i got i had hoped would cover the whole set up and an out-door patio area set-up in the future


* My initial thoughts were that the CL3 rating would help against oxidation

* Rolling Stones stated they wished the polarity signals were more pronounced but I don't know what that means. 

* Everybody on here states that if it's Oxygen Free and 99.9 % then it's a go ahead but i was wondering if i could get some thoughts on this. 


  16 AWG CL3 OFC Outdoor Speaker Wire, GearIT Pro 

   Oxygen Free Copper UL CL3 Rated for Outdoor Direct Burial and in-Wall Installation Speaker Cable



I'am new to the Home Theater set-up, this is my first set-up which I'll list below to show that I'm trying on this one.


(2)          8000F  (Floor standing)

(1)          504C   (Center speaker)

(1)          R-120SW (Sub-woofer)

(1 Pair)  RP 500SA Dolby Atmos Speakers (Elevation speakers)

(1 Pair)  R-41M (Bookshelf Speakers) 


Hope everybody is having a good day and being safe with Covid in our lives ! 



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I believe CL3 means it's fire rated to go in walls.  The jacket will help it underground as well.  Any copper can oxidize if exposed to the elements but the only point you have to worry about is where you strip the insulation to make connections.  I always leave them a little long in case you have to cut a little of the oxidized wire off in the future.  Maybe check it every couple years.

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Thank to everybody for replying, i actually got the Monoprice cord 12 AWG Oxygen free 99.9 % and the GearITPRO for the ceiling speakers and future patio ideas. 


Love this forum, going to be so happy to keep reading and posting into the future, cheers !!



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