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WOW!! what an improvement!!


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for the past 2 1/2 hours, i was upgrading my wire with 16 gauge wire and now i'm finally done. such a pain in the ***, but definitely worth the time and effort. it eliminated the "crackling" for some reason. anyways, i just wanted to thank everyone for their help. on a side note, my dad is planning to install a HUGE home theatre setup. he will spending 10-15k and he is considering to go with klipsch speakers. haha. all because of the pros. way to go klipsch.

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That's crazy. I could buy a nice car for that much money.

There's a guy near me who spent around $80,000 on a new home theater setup. He sent the projector unit for his projection screen to Ferrari for a custom paint job that cost a few grand as well...

For 80k, I think I'd rather have a nice home or a Dodge Viper. Of course, he probably already had both...

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