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Khorns for pickup


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Pickup only unless you want to search for a pack and ship in Texarkana.  1000.00. That's 500 less than I paid. As you can see, replaced the caps with Crites a few years ago. Speakers need refinishing, but when I stored them for my new ones the new ones only looked better but certainly don't sound that much better...which is the way K'horns should be. One closeup shows some easily reparable issue caused by a mover attempt to pick it up by the upper section. Cosmetic and as mentioned, easily fixable. 

I considered them a bargain when I got them, and if you can find a better thousand dollar set of speakers go for it. Marked them down because of the damage and because I am amongst friends and want to spread the joy.  







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Thank you. Can't really just give them away, but want to spread the joy. I used them for nearly 20 years and they've made me very, very happy. 
If I wasn't so deep financially in these Cornscalas I would head your way this weekend. Deals like this don't come along often!

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Apologies, but I don't say their sold until I have cash in hand. And I do and they are gone to Billy Struckelle in Dallas. However, decided to list my single Cornwall as well as I am running a La Scala center these days. This one is in at least VG and when I acquired it the guy said it had been upgraded to what he called a "Silver Cornwall." No clue what that means but it sound great. However, eventually decided I wanted 100% horn loaded and got a good deal on my LS. Anyway, asking 700 for this one, pickup in Texarkana at your convenience. Taken out of service 4 years ago. Cash, PayPal, or bank transfer with Zelle if you have it. No more speakers, but considering putting a few other things up. 








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