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Decware SE34i / 3.1 "Rachael" SOLD


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The amp is a cross between the 3rd and 4th version of the design  3rd because it was built Nov. 2013, 4th because it has the Black powder coated top plate and the Jupiter Beeswax caps. The amp can use SEVERAL power tubes EL34, KT88, 6l6, 6550, KT77, KT66. It can use the 6n1p, 6n2p, or 6922 driver tubes, and it can use the 5u4, 5ar4, 274B, and 5y3 rectifiers. In other words a tube rollers dream amp. This is the straight amp NOT INTEGRATED It puts out 6 WPC regardless of power tube. It is self Biasing and has meters that allow you to watch read bias at any time (You can see when a tube is getting weak, No Guesswork)  The Base is Walnut and Looks fantastic.


I can only find 1 mark on the back of the amps Walnut base see pics it is very minor, I barely saw it


Tubes included will consist of strong Tubg Sol EL34 pair,  Pair of new EH 6922, and a valve art 274B rectifier


Selling only because I am going with a higher power PP design. (As you no doubt know I am constantly switching up gear)


Price is 800.00 plus the ride and fees




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