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Needing to revive a SW-8


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sw8 woofers arent sold new, you will need to find a used sw8 sub or woofer to replace it with an original woofer, search ebay or other sales sites.  or look for a 8" sub with the same ohm rating & similar power & hope it fits.  


or describe whats wrong with the woofer, if its torn or blown you may be able to buy a re-cone kit from places like simply speakers etc, if its just ripped or torn in the cone/surround you may be able to repair it or buy a surround refoam kit.  


final option is to just look for another sub, the sw8 was average at best in its day but now there are so many other better subs for very cheap on the used market, for the price of repairing/replacing your woofer you could probably find another sw8 or 2nd version or another model/brand.   



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