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Lincoln 256 Welder

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Just a heads up in case anyone might be interested.


There is a business local to me.  They are in the steel fabrication business and are shutting down one of their plants (Nevada).  They are bringing most/all of the contents of the Nevada site here and they're going to be liquidating it.


I've been there so know this is legit....I am looking to get one of these welders myself.


Anyway, they currently have (as of this morning) seven (7) of these Lincoln 256 welders BUT, they are selling them without ANY leads.  Right at $800.  They have a pallet full of spools and spools and spools of flux core wire.  They had last week, about a dozen DeWalt chop saws.  They're going to be bringing the steel back.  The steel as I understand is what they use to fabricate buildings  Here's a link to their website to give you an idea.


Some of the welders have a 110V outlet on the back and some of them DON'T.  I don't recall why he said some didn't.


They've got boxes and boxes of screws, screw-guns, automatic feeders (if I recall what he said correctly)


A guy I know is bringing a flatbed back once they have the steel on hand.  He's going to build a couple small out-buildings with it.


This is about 10 miles from my home....if you decide on a welder or chop saw....they have PLENTY of room to hold it but, if they won't, I can perhaps help out.





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Those look like good MIG welders. A person could buy the required mig gun off EBay or Amazon. The Lincoln 256 is rated for 250amps / 40% duty cycle which is a good strong welder. I own several Lincoln mig welders at lower amp ratings and they have been dependable workers for years.


I wonder if the seller might have a mig gun/shielding gas/wire so these could be tested before buying. I imagine the control board in one of those would be very expensive to replace if faulty.


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Someone I know has bought two of them.


When I was at their location they told me (and he confirmed they did it for him) that they'd be happy to fire one up and take it for a test drive.


This is at a manufacturing facility so they're totally geared up to work these things.  They have a pallet full of boxes of flux core wire.  He said at this location near me, they do everything indoors so they use gas shield.  (he explained to me that the flux core let off a lot of smoke that they didn't want indoors....I had no clue)


(regarding sound)

When I saw them, they had about 12 of them in a big steel trailer outdoors in their parking lot.  So, they were dead silent.


I'm still curious as to why they don't have any leads.  Someone made a comment to me that since these are being picked up by people in Nevada and brought here....  and that they probably use a spool gun or something, that and the original leads were probably all laying on a pallet in the corner of their building....(shrugs shoulders)

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