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One of my duel subs is not performing,, there is very little movement from the woofer, and the sub switches on when it receives a signal, I removed the amp and checked for scorching, none all connections good, checked cable to AVR all good but if I swap over sub cables I don't get the humm while connecting the sub I do on the other sub, I have contacted Klipsch, very slow customer service still no response since the 17 th of August. 


Any ideas would be appreciated. 

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2 hours ago, nickyboy6100 said:

Klipsch amp failure seems to be very high on their subwoofers. Why do they continue using poor quality amplifiers if they know this is an issue. I would be very reluctant to buy a powered subwoofer from Klipsch.


I don't think they do still use these poor quality amps. The SPL-150 have an entirely different plate amp in them, and I haven't heard anyone complaining about amp issues with these. I have one, but it's only a few months old, so time will tell... 🙂

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