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VRD stereo or mono amp kt88


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just wondering, I'm looking at getting another quad set of kt88. I currently have the stock Ruby Str tube set, which I have no issues with for the most part, although they can seem slightly fatiguing at time's.  They are the only tube set I have had in place with my stereo vrd.

Just wondering if something better or affordable is available? The ruby strv from Doug's tubes is no longer available, and I have read great things about them, along with the Penta Lab Kt88SC, which are the same thing apparently.. The tubestore's preferred series kt88 is the same as well, but at almost $300 for a quad. I mostly listen to rock or heavier stuff. Would the tubestores preferred kt88 be the way to go, or has anyone tried out the later jj kt88, or the higher quality Psvane kt88? Just wondering, what other kt88 tubes other's have tried and liked with their vrds? Thanks,



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The discontinued Ruby from Doug was identical to the Penta Lab which is also impossible to find. This tube used to be the same I'd write them ask before buying https://www.thetubestore.com/preferred-series-kt88.  Those Penta triple getters were my favorites for many years. The Ruby STR you have is the same as the Valve Art or Chinese KT88-98 made on the same factory line as the Penta's it's a decent tube and has always been my #2 and the tube I supply with amps.


 The thing is I think you'd be ahead of the game to play with the 12AX7 and 12AU7 slot to rid yourself of the fatigue or possibly look the the source or source material. Changing output tubesa is going to have nearly the least effect out of the tubes to fine tube. The 5AR4 will have zero musical effect unless it wore out or defective. 

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