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From what I've been told, this pair is one of approximately 18 made (in late 1990s). Quicksilver Audio 300B SET amp, an extremely limited production run. Mike Sanders made approximately 18 of these units, and they were sold only to dealers or close customers.


Amps are very clean overall. One of the transformer covers has a small dent in it. I believe you can get replacements from QS. Also, on each amp, one side of one of the transformers has some kind of epoxy-looking residue on it. I would rate them 7/10.


Also included are a pair of custom made protective tube cages with a cutout “window” to view/highlight the 300b tube.


Output: 9 watts into 4 or 8 ohms 1 Watt Frequency Response: 5 Hz-100kHz Input Sensitivity: 1.7 Volts Input Impedance: 100 K Ohms Tube Complement: (1) 12FQ7 input, (1) 300B Output, (1) 5AR4 Rectifier Finish: black chassis with black transformer covers and chrome badges. Dimensions: 7” (H) x 14 ½” (D) x 9 1/8” (W) Weight per mono amp: 30 lb. (unpacked); 35 lb. (packed) (approximate)


Like all Quicksilver amps, the 300B's are true short path, hardwired units, no circuit boards and bulletproof. The amps come with a set of Genelex 300B tubes ( EH tubes in pics) that sound great

along with Genelex 5AR4 rectifiers and RCA 12FQ7 input tubes.


Shipping Details

All original packaging included, consisting of double-wall inner box . Each amp in it's individual shipping box. Shipping weight: approximately 35 lb. per box.

I will tubes and tube cages in additional (separate) boxes.

3 boxes total


Buyer to pay for shipping and paypal fees.




















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