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FS: Special Edition Heresy III; East Indian Rosewood


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Selling a pair of East Indian Rosewood Special EditionHeresy IIIs. These are 1 owner, bought from dealer floor demo that sat for about 1 year on the showroom floor. As a result there are a few scuffs in the corners and edges of the speakers but from a standing distance within a few feet there is no way to see any of this small detail. These are beautiful limited edition speakers, to my knowledge only 70 pairs were made in North America.  They will ship in the original Klipsch packaging. 


I am asking $1800 for the pair and will ship anywhere in the CONUS via UPS/FedEx for that price. 


Here is a link to the gallery




CORRECTION: These are the Special Edition Heresy IIIs, not the 70th Anniversary - sorry for the confusion.



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6 minutes ago, Schu said:

Those aren't 70ths... the 70th was Australian Walnut.

Those rosewood Heresy are special though... even with the little nicks they look good.


Oof you are correct, these are the "Special Edition" Rosewood, not the 70th Anniversary. I think they came out close to the same time and I always thought they were the anniversary. There were only 70 pairs made, maybe that's why I was confused.


Here are these speakers:



East Indian rosewood specs:



I don't think there's anyway to edit the title of this post is there?

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