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Brand new R-41M Technical Issues


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Hi all,


Apologies if this is the wrong board for this. 

I just set up my first turntable (AT-LP120USB) and connected it to my R-41M’s directly because the turntable already has a pre-amp. 

I’m noticing crackling and popping even from different brand new records coming through the speakers, especially during parts of songs where there is a lot going on.


I unplugged all the wires and then reconnected everything as well. I have the output (L + R + GND) going from the turntable to the speakers and then the speaker cable (+ and -) connected between the two speakers as well. Not having any sort of popping or crackling when playing the same songs over Bluetooth but I’m not sure if that helps narrow down a potential issue. Really not sure what else to try from here or whether the issue is the wires connecting the two, the speakers, or the turntable.

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you.

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Are these R-41PM, the self powered model? If plugging in a turntable that has a preamp built in, make sure the speaker input is set to line and not phono. If set to phono, the input will be overdriven and the eq all wrong.


Welcome to the forums!



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