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Rear Placement (400m)


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Hello everybody,

my rear Speaker (Klipsch Rp-400m) arrived and i put them on my speaker stands behind the Couch.
But than i remembered, my plan was to place a round basstrap in the left corner.
Now i have three options:

  1. Wallmount the speakers (but then they would be a little closer to the wall and need to be around 15cm higher. Now they are at about 94cm height. The round Basstrap is 1m)
  2. put a basstrap on both sides and place the speaker on them (the right one wouldnt be as effective, because no corner there)
  3. move the speaker forward, to the side of the listening position, so that i can place the basstrap behind. (i think even now there is not enough space between listening position and speaker and then there would be less)


(the canvas for the naked wall are already on the way)

What do you think?
Thanks in Advance :)





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Do you have height or top speakers for ATMOS or plan on having?  Reason being, with ATMOS speakers, dolby suggests the surround to be more at ear level.


rp-402s will have better dispersion, not as direct.  But I suspect as @Schu mentioned, if you do the speaker calibration with Audyssey, it may be manageable.  If they're too overwhelming, can always further lower the speaker output.


Lastly, you may already be doing that in mentioning some canvas coming.  In addition to corner bass traps which are great, may be good to look at covering those reflection points behind your seating.



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