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Hurricane Sally


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@billybob @dtel

we got out.  Girlfriend had some issues to attend to in Indiana. We left Tuesday. We are going back home to GS tomorrow. Got a generator and supplies.


Talked to neighbors. We bought at the high point on the island.  Even then, the water was a few feet from the front and back patios.  We are blessed. Duty now is to assist others. I’m ready to return.  I’m hearing it is bad on the ground now. Foley, north of us had a lot of wind damage, GS got the water damage. 

Girlfriend works at the Wharf if you’ve ever been there. Two coworkers lost their homes. A lot of people lost their vehicles to the floodwaters.

The plan is the check our house out, then go out into the community and assist in debris removal or whatever else I can do. We were told the infrastructure for electricity was destroyed worse than Ivan. The timetable for electricity to be up is one month.


Community is strong here.  We will rebuild.  

Thanks for the concerns 

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