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I recently did a full refurbish on a pair of CF-3's.  They started out black, ended up much better!  However, one off the woofers needed the dustcap re-glued. (The famous Klipsch buzz)   It was a lot of work, and I'm glad I did it, but would I do another one? Hell no!  Not unless I replaced all 4 woofers, but at that point, you're spending over $500 and that would be better spend towards better speakers that aren't decades old and difficult to finds parts!


On 9/16/2020 at 4:23 AM, crunchman12001 said:

you could make close to $1000 just parting them out since the parts are so rare.

Nope, maybe closer to $500-600.  I had all of the parts( tweeters,horns, 4 woofers and crossovers)  listed for $750 a while back and not one hit.  I pulled everything and re-glued the center-cap. I decided to see if it would make sense to part it out and  put better drivers in the cabinet, but that seemed like too much work at the time, so, I refinished the cabinets and loaded them back up! I ended up selling the pair for $750. (Perfect cabinets and badges, very good grills, extra bracing, sound dampening and all stock drivers...still only $750.





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