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7.2.4 Dolby Atmos AVR for RF-7s?

Zen Traveler

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Okay, first first things first. 


@ZenAgain, welcome to the forum.


You have a stellar rig that is hard to improve on but I will try.


What is your budget for that new(to you) modern AVR?

Where are you located?


If you like your flagship Denon, then get a newer flagship or near flagship Denon AVR.  My true suggestion would be to get an upper tier AVR of your brand choice and a minimum 3 channel outboard amp with upwards of 120w/channel.  Many bargains on the used market and some new amps as well.








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Yes - what @willland said

I have (have had) a very similar (albeit 5.1) setup to you. I have had RF-7,RC-7 and RS-7 for 15+years. Driven then with a Yamaha RX-Z1, Denon-4311CI and currently a Yamaha RX-A3060. I also have a SVS PB-16 Ultra sub. The A3060 can drive Atmos speakers, I am yet to buy some, would likely go with some I could place on top of the RF-7s.


Whenever replacing the AVR - I look at something that is around the same price point as my past AVRs. Newer ones obviously have updated capabilities. I still have my old AVRs - I still have a soft spot for the RX-Z1. 


Look for similar power to what you currently have, with the features you want. And then go searching for the best price.


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